Software Engineering Assistance to Companies
Working for a Better Tomorrow

You're in the business of contributing through tech?

Beaming down the internet, keeping cars in lanes or making it easier for people to collaborate?

Have a need for reliable problem solvers with nimble fingers to bring your vision to reality?

YES? Great.

Coders Without Borders is an autonomous team of senior software engineers looking for challening problems to work on.

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more than code

Cowibo is created to give regional software engineering talent a context for personal and professional developement.

We believe that each individual should have a possibility to do meaningful work and develop meaningful relationship within the organization; to be heard, acknowledged and taken care of.

self managed

We are relying on functional contextualism, agile and lean methodologies and teal organizational paradigm to accommodate each individual at the core level so we can have a cohesive team.

synchronous growth

Our endogenous hiring approach gives us the ability to find great people who happen to be relentlessly resourceful engineers.

well typed

With an average of 10 years of experience in industries from automotive and gaming to consumer electronics and custom made content management systems using the latest tools and technologies, we're ready for almost anything you can come up with.

10 years avg.
Automotive, Gaming, advertising, e-procurement,
Content management systems, consumer electronics,
social networking, energy distribution management
c/c++, python, Javascript/node.js, Php, java, C#
c++: boost, c++11, c++14, googletest, googlemock
python: django (w/ djangorestframework), flask
Js/node.js/typescript: vue.js, express.js, react, angular (1, 2+), JEST
php: lavarel, codeigniter
management & tracking: Atlassian stack (jira, confluence, bitbucket), azure boards
ci/cd: jenkings, azure devops, gitlab ci/cd, source hut
deployment platforms: aws, azure, google cloud platform, heroku, openshift
Agile and Lean - Scrum framework - Teal organizational paradigm!